The Red Hen, Sarah, Maxine et al

Anybody who’d suggest that the USA may not be as far from anarchy as most of us think would be labeled as one of “those people” by the mainstream media — “those people” being lunatics, heretics, prophets of doom, unenlightened, … etc. Any sensible person knows that a country as sophisticated as we are could never devolve to the kinds of situations we see in “countries like that” — right? I’d certainly like to believe that.

OK, Maybe I’m One Of “Those People”

Just pause for a moment, back away from the din of day-to-day media coverage of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ ejection from the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, and think about it in context with several other fairly recent events [I referred to some of these in two of my posts about a year ago and one just a couple of months ago — Enough Already, Are There Any Limits On Anything Any More?] and A Bridge Too Far

    • The rising frequency and severity of mass killings [re: my post Mass Murders Accelerating]
    • The attack on a Congressional baseball practice field that seriously wounded Congressman Steve Scalise
    • Others mentioned in the above-referenced posts — extremely foul and vicious remarks by people like Stephen Colbert, Kathy Lee Griffin [after her “decapitated Trump” Tweet], Madonna Ciccone, Ashley Judd, Michelle Wolf, et al.

The Coup De Grâce

Firmly solidifying her status as the Democrats’ most embarrassingly dense Representative, Maxine Waters — speaking to the apparently minute number of people who care what she thinks — came out with this challenge during all the flareup over Ms. Sanders’ ejection from the restaurant: “If you think we’re rallying now you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you see anybody from that (Trump) Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Think about that. … An elected member of our Legislature actively trying to incite people to “create crowds” and heckle anybody in the Trump administration wherever they see them! Even worse, instead of her entire party soundly rebuking her for those remarks, some key Democrats actually made supportive comments about them and attempted to put a “Well, Trump set this kind of tone; what do you expect?” spin on them.

Surely, this was the coup de grâce, the final blow to sensibility in our government.

How Much Worse Can It Get?

Unfortunately, a lot.  Just today, I read two articles [in “mainstream” media — not far out “rags”] that discussed the very real possibility that this country may actually be headed toward another civil war!  Much of the rationale in those articles was similar to mine in this post.

More likely than civil war, though, is increasing chaos and the unfortunate end of such an environment [read on … .]  An increasing percentage of U.S. citizens has a humanism/naturalism worldview [as opposed to a theistic worldview]. I have written extensively about the difference, enough to make this post far too long if I repeated even a fraction of that text here [this page link on this site will give you the essentials: Why I’m Doing What I Do]. My reason for bringing worldview into the subject at hand is simply that in a society in which there is no absolute standard, there is no standard.

In that kind of environment, each person adopts his/her own set of standards — so on any given day, somebody is going to say or do something that somebody else will say is “wrong.” I’ve also said before that we have too many people in this country with too much time on their hands. Those people, fueled by [and organized and funded by] numerous “organizations with a cause,” are the ones you see in most demonstrations against whoever is the culprit in the wrong du jour.

To extrapolate the current environment of partial chaos in this country to complete chaos — i.e., anarchy — is not as big a stretch as most of us think it is. And if we look at history, what follows chaos? Totalitarianism. Which faction of our government is best poised to swoop in and save us from total chaos? I’ll close with a hint. The poster child of that faction came very close to becoming the Presidential nominee of one of the two major parties in 2016, and another very visible and outspoken face of that faction [who can play the woman card if the party decides that would be advantageous] is at least mentioned as a potential Presidential candidate in 2020.

Personally, I think the Republicans should pray that Maxine Waters [who is not the woman I was referring to in the preceding paragraph] ends up being the Democrats’ 2020 nominee. That would no doubt result in her rising to #1 on the list of worst defeats in history, displacing James Cox, who lost to Warren Harding in 1920 by a margin of 26.17% [I looked it up — I would have guessed George McGovern, Walter Mondale or Barry Goldwater, but their loss margins, though all huge, were a little less: 23.5%, 18.21%, and 22.58%, respectively.😊 ]

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