What I Do


As the Why I’m Doing What I Do page indicates, it is my Worldview — my Value System — that drives me, and the background I shared there will give you a perspective on how that value system developed and how it has motivated me to become more actively involved in trying to make a difference in this country’s direction.  That’s the “Why”.  This page will outline the “What”, and I expect it will evolve over time as I find new opportunities to enable me to be a person who is making a difference.


It boils down to five things that I feel compelled to do.  I simply cannot sit idly by and watch the country I love — the country that has provided such opportunity for me — continue on the destructive and unsustainable course it has charted during the past few years.  At this writing, here’s what I intend to be doing for as long as I am able:

  1. Pray for our nation and its leaders — that they may be granted wisdom beyond their natural abilities.
  2. Communicate my thoughts — in conversations, through writings like I’ll be doing here, through music, etc. — with anybody who will listen to me about what’s going on, why it needs to change, and what needs to happen to make it change.
  3. Advocate for political candidates who I believe are the kind of leaders we need to get us on a more stable path.
  4. Prepare those closest to me for what I believe is coming if nothing changes.
  5. Protect my family from harm that can easily come to anyone in this climate.



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