Why Follow Me [vs. Other “Similar” Sites]?


As I mentioned on the Home Page, it is unfortunate that people tend to quickly form initial impressions and label a person’s work a particular way based on the concepts that are included and the words used to describe those concepts.  So a book, for example, tends to be labeled in a category like Political or Religious based only on that initial characterization rather than on its author’s overall purpose in writing it.  That label, in turn, limits the potential audience to those who are prone to read books in that category.

It is my sincere hope that visitors to this site and readers of my blog posts will rise above this tendency to apply labels.  The content must be interpreted from each reader’s own personal perspective and filtered through his/her own value system and worldview.  I said up front that I am an Evangelical “Born Again” Christian, and it would be impossible for me to express my thoughts from the perspective of any other value system and worldview — but, I have attempted to construct this site [and will attempt to word my blog posts] in a way that will at least not be offensive to those not sharing my views — and I honestly hope that nothing here prevents them from objectively reading the content on this site’s pages, and the content of my blog posts, and deciding for themselves whether any of that content has value for them.  This is exactly the view I take in deciding which news and opinion venues to access and how often to access them — i.e., I want to ensure that I am hearing all sides of the issues at hand, even if I am “predisposed” to  be on a particular side.  If we all do that, then true dialog about issues can occur without the vitriol that is so prevalent these days.


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