The Lighter Side


imageMy goal is for this to be a serious-content site for people who are serious-minded about the condition of America.  But as the old saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so I’ve included this page as a place to post some amusing ways to express issues, perspectives, and [hopefully, even with no tongue in cheek], solutions.

What I post here will include mostly cartoons and quotations. However, I’m a musician at heart [my friends and family always wisely counseled me, though, “Don’t give up your day job!”], so I also intend to post here some links [probably YouTube, but I’m still in the “design” phase right now] to “performances” of a little song I’ve written [and am still writing] that puts a little humor into the situation.  I’ll post a new verse every week or so from my startup [which was 9/8/16], or as soon thereafter as possible, through 11/8/16 [at which point we’ll know whether my efforts, along with those of what I hope are thousands of people around this country “doing what they do” to get America back on a sustainable path, have been successful].  These additions to this page are posted below [newest first], and when there are some new ones I’ll mention them in my Blog posts:

[None yet as of 9/15/16]


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