Transitioning To The One Thing That Matters Most Now

The Transition — What It Is and Why I’m Making It

This is my first post to this Blog since the one entitled Time To Wake Up, Church! on 10/26/20, but with this post I’m beginning to get back into regular posts. They won’t be weekly as they were mid 2016 to late 2017; I’ll be going to an ad hoc frequency based on what’s going on week to week and month to month. If you are not a Christian, but have read my posts and/or the Home Page of this web site in the past, you should click the link and read that post because it will explain why in that post, the 3-part series of posts that preceded it, this post and most future posts until at least November 2022 and perhaps until November 2024, I am departing from my original writing philosophy when I first published the site in the Summer of 2016. That philosophy was to try to appeal to both Christians and non-Christians by intentionally avoiding words and phrases that would cause a non-Christian reader to label the site as a Christian site, thereby causing many people to miss what I felt was content that should be understood by all Americans. However, as you will see clearly on the Home Page, and in more depth through links there, I intentionally have never “hidden” the fact that I am a Christian. I have made it clear from the beginning that I am a Christian, and that my faith underlies my Worldview and the perspective from which I write. It is my sincere hope that this change in my writing philosophy will not keep you from reading my posts. Who knows? Maybe something in my recent past and future posts will cause you to rethink your own Worldview.

However, if you are a true, born again, Bible believing Christian, I think you could relate more closely to what I will say in this post by reading — or re-reading — that relatively brief 10/26/20 post. And, if you do that and want to “get a little deeper into my head” as I wrote both that post and this one, you can do so by reading at least Part 1 of the three-part series of posts that preceded it [there’s a link to Part 1 of the series in the above-mentioned post, and links in it and Part 2 to the next post in the series.]

The One Thing That Matters Most Now

Frankly, it took me several months to absorb the magnitude of the directional shift my country took the week after my 10/26/20 post. But rather than continuing then in the vein of my pre-election posts, I decided to sit back and just observe the transition to the new Administration in its “first 100 days.” After that, more or less in a state of shock over how rapidly the radical changes being made under extreme pressure from the far-left radical wing of the majority party were being made, I decided to continue in observation mode. Now, here we sit at the nine month mark and the pace is not only continuing but accelerating.

In my next post, I will outline why I believe the future of America can be driven by the Church (which unfortunately is nowhere near the number of people who say they “attend church,”) but the one thing that matters most now is whether or not the Church will provide that impetus. I am not trying to suggest that we need to become a theocracy, which was never the intention of our Founding Fathers — only that we desperately need to change our direction toward understanding and retaining closer adherence to the founding principles in our Declaration Of Independence and our Constitution [and, I would add, what many of our Founding Fathers said — in some cases, warning us what might happen — in the Federalist Papers.]

I will begin explaining why I think the jury is still out on the question of whether or not the Church will provide the impetus needed to bring us to our senses in an upcoming post entitled The Word, The Whole Word, And Nothing But The Word. Stay tuned!

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Charles M. Jones

Author: Charles M. Jones, PE, CPA

[retired — neither license active]

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  1. The pastor at World Outreach church in Murfreesboro preached yesterday about the history of faith in America. Every week he talks about the responsibility of the church in getting our country back to God. You might enjoy his recent sermons on this topic. The website is

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