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I’m not trying to paint myself as a prophet or somebody with a unique ability to observe current “goings on” and “see” with absolute clarity where it’s all leading, but I do believe that I have a very clear understanding of the Major Paradigm Shift Well Underway in this country — and to a considerable extent, underway in the world. I decided to do a kind of “pause” for this post, and do a “let’s see where we are” assessment.

I mentioned in a 7/20/17 post how I believe my background as a CIO gave me some unique insights into assessing things as they are in the context of trends underway in order to shape directions leading to an envisioned future that the trends suggest lies ahead — kind of like Wayne Gretsky’s famous answer to the question “How is it that you’re always right where the action is?”: “I just figure out where the puck’s going to be next, and skate there.”  [This link will take you to that post: Current Paradigm Now Officially Old Paradigm]. With that backdrop, read on …

Let’s Look At Some Specifics

Let’s look at some specific recent/current events that I believe are clear evidence that a major paradigm shift is underway.

    • Roy Moore winning Republican Primary election in Alabama [former Senator Sessions’ seat], despite President Trump’s endorsement and campaign speeches for his opponent. In a way, this is very similar to the ouster of Eric Cantor, a powerful Republican on the rise, in 2014.
    • Social Media’s influence. ..
      • The Trump-Corker “Twitter War” [10/8/17ff]. Think about it. The staid, calm/collected Corker, got sucked into Trump’s modus operandi.
      • Trump’s 10/7/17 Tweet about North Korea: “Being nice to Rocket Man hasn’t worked in 25 years, why would it work now? Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won’t fail”. Excoriating comments in the media notwithstanding, this is as good an example as one could find of an American President clearly communicating that “things are different now”.
      • Twitter announcing 10/8/17 that it was pulling Marsha Blackburn’s campaign ad because it contained one sentence it said “had been deemed an inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction”. Twitter said the language “violates Twitter’s policy for advertisements. … If this is omitted from the video it will be permitted to serve”. [Twitter blocked the video as an online ad, leaving Blackburn only to be able to post it within her account.] On 10/10/17, Twitter reversed its decision and re-enabled the online ad capability. This is very alarming — not the “content” of this particular news item, but the underlying implications of content censorship by media moguls. [See the page Civi Caveo  at this site for more on alarming trends].

These are just top-of-mind examples. My self-imposed length limitation on my posts doesn’t permit inclusion of others.

The Old [And Still Current “Dead Man Walking”] Paradigm

In the context of America’s [and it would not be much of a leap to say the world’s] governmental systems, the Old [And Still Current “Dead Man Walking”] Paradigm has very recognizable characteristics:

    • The minority party uses “rules” [e.g., the filibuster] to block vote and thwart all majority-party-initiated agenda initiatives — even those with which they may agree in principle.
    • Majority leaders control who committee chairs are and what gets to floors for debate and vote.
    • The archaic seniority system — rewards longevity in office, not performance.
    • K Street [the lobbying system].
    • “Commission a study” as the typical “action” for dealing with an issue.

Again, these are just top-of-mind examples. My self-imposed length limitation on my posts doesn’t permit inclusion of others.

The New [Rapidly Becoming Current] Paradigm

In an admittedly very cursory web search looking for more general signs that would confirm that a paradigm shift is occurring, this was one of the most interesting [status comments are mine; source of original:]:

    • The established paradigm begins to be less effective. [✔️Check!]
    • The affected community senses the situation, begins to lose trust in old rules. [✔️Check!]
    • Turbulence grows as trust wanes. [✔️Check!]
    • Creators or identifiers of new paradigms step forward. [✔️Check!]
    • Turbulence increases as paradigm conflicts become apparent. [✔️Check!]
    • Affected community is extremely upset and demands clear solutions. [✔️Check!]
    • One of the suggested new paradigms demonstrates ability to solve a small set of significant problems that the old paradigm couldn’t. [✔️Check!]
    • Some of the affected community accepts the new paradigm as an act of faith. [~A Few]
    • With stronger support and funding, the new paradigm gains momentum. [🤔 On The Verge]
    • Turbulence begins to wane as the new paradigm starts to solve problems and the community sees a new way to deal with the world [🙏 Jury’s Still Out]

The new “rules” — the specific attributes of the New Paradigm — are still unfolding. I’ll probably write considerably more on that front in many of my future posts, but for starters I think the following are at least potentially in the mix [don’t write me off as a heretic just yet 😊]:

    • Movement to a more formalized three-party version of what is now essentially a four-party power structure. The current four “parties” are 1) the far left wing of the Democrat party [Sanders/Warren et al], 2) the “establishment” Democrats [Schumer/Pelosi et al], 3) the “establishment” Republicans [McConnell/Ryan et al], and 4) the far right wing of the Republican Party [Cotton/Jordan et al].
    • A continued sharp change in the nature of International “diplomacy” — Out with “set up commissions to study issues and make recommendations” and “talk and negotiate for 25 years with no results”, and in with “tough negotiations backed by demonstrable strength that is available when needed”.

Thanks for reading this post, and if you regularly follow my Blog, for that, too. Please consider sharing this or other posts with your friends, colleagues and associates.

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Charles M. Jones

Author: Charles M. Jones, PE, CPA

[retired — neither license active]

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