To Our Leaders, A Blog Post In Verse

I suggested in a previous post that our leaders should just refuse to answer any more media questions about anything but the agenda — what’s going on to deliver what the people actually care about and want. I honestly believe that would be a very smart move, so in this post, I’m expanding on the concept with a little poem. First, my previous mention:

Just Ignore It? [from my 2/24/17 post “Fake News”? (Or Is It Just Meaningless “News”?)]

Here’s an idea.  … I believe much of this kind of “news” would die away quickly [because there would be no “controversy” to drive headlines] if all Administration officials decided to just refuse to participate in interviews where trivial questions are being focused on, responding with “We’ve decided to quit wasting time on media-conjured ‘issues’ … I’d be happy to discuss progress, plans, policy, etc., if you’d like to get into those kinds of questions. Otherwise, I need this time for more productive work”.

So here’s the poem, which I’m sure puts me in the class depicted in the above pictures …

If I Were You …

If the President’s advisors included me
Or if a member of his Cabinet I could be
To help drive his agenda I’d do what I could
For to me it is clear — that would be good

If I were the leader of the party in power
In Senate or House, with moods so sour
I’d rise above all the partisan bickering
And get things done — first listening, then dickering

If I were the President with all his frustrations
This final Tweet to the media I’d post:
“No more responding to your constant accusations …
I’m moving on to what America needs most

The promises I made will be what I mention

When I speak at some location
And that is where I’ve turned my attention:
To making great again this Nation

The President’s tactics won’t fit the swamp mold
So establishment resistance won’t go away
And media jokes will still be told
But results matter most at the end of the day

If next year’s elections from our view can fade
We can focus on the foundation our agenda has laid
Like taxes lowered and jobs created
And the people we serve will be elated

Then when next year’s elections do draw near
The best voter decisions will be quite clear
Sixty Senators and a strong House majority
Leadership that can act with the people’s authority

So …

So interviews on accusations we refuse to grant
And if the media tries to give interviews that slant,
We’ll just say “We no longer fool with that kind of chatter;
Do you have any questions about things that matter?


img_7026 Charles M Jones

Charles M. Jones


Author: Charles M. Jones, PE, CPA

[retired — neither license active]

2 thoughts on “To Our Leaders, A Blog Post In Verse”

  1. Thanks for the feedback, Shelley. Interestingly, in the form of Tweets, I actually send many of my posts to various media outlets [and individual media personalities: Hannity, McCallum, Carlson, …], the President, Speaker Ryan, Leader MConnell, etc. You never know when one might “hit” just the right person on their staffs at the right time and get some publicity.


  2. Amen! Now can you get this to the ones that need to read it. I really believe that is the best approach.


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