A Different Kind Of Post for Me

imageSome people, even some of my Christian friends, who follow this Blog and/or follow me on FaceBook or Twitter may not appreciate this particular post — because they don’t “like” our President, or because they think Franklin Graham has become too “political.” Every day for well over a year, my prayers have included a lot of the exact phraseology Rev. Graham used in his prayer offered on 6/2/19 along with those of over 350 pastors and other Christian leaders who had called for that emphasis on that day [3 minute 50 second video: Prayer For Our President.]

I don’t “like” our President — i.e., his persona. Neither did I “like” his predecessor, and although many — maybe most — of his actions were inconsistent with my Worldview and Value System [see https://usaparadigm.com,] I prayed frequently for him, too. I must admit that my prayers for President Obama, although regular, were not as frequent as my prayers for President Trump have been — not because of our philosophical and ideological incongruities, but because the literal hate of President Trump by Democrats and the extremely bitter and even more polarized atmosphere that hate has created has shown me how much more prayer is needed at this time for whoever holds that office.

For anybody, particularly if you are not a Christian, reading this who may be offended already but has stuck with me to here, I ask that you read on, keeping in mind this quote from the Home Page of my www.USAparagpdigm.com web site:

“I will say up front that I am an Evangelical “Born Again” Christian, and it would be impossible for me to express my thoughts from the perspective of any other value system and worldview.  I have, however, attempted to avoid wording that would be overly tedious to those not sharing my views, and I honestly hope that nothing here prevents them from objectively reading the content on this site’s pages, and the content of my blog posts, and deciding for themselves whether any of that content has value for them.”

The polarization in our government that has worsened by orders of magnitude since Mr. Trump’s election has made me realize how much we need three things: 1) leaders in government who are willing to break with “accepted norms” and quit “going with the flow,” focusing on what is needed in our country and getting things done rather than only on getting re-elected; 2) Christian leaders who are willing to speak out, without formally endorsing any particular leader or candidate or party, on issues that undermine our faith; and 3) many people who will pray regularly along the lines of the above-mentioned prayer by Franklin Graham regardless of who is President.

I am thankful that in President Trump we have the first, and in Christian leaders like Franklin Graham and the 350+ pastors and other leaders who joined together in support of his call to prayer for our President on June 2, we have the second. My prayer is that the 400,000+ views of Rev. Graham praying for our President will grow to tens of millions who will see the bigger picture for our country and begin praying regularly for him in that way [thereby becoming the third.]

President John Adams wisely observed that “we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” [President John Adams.] Almost all politicians say they are religious and that they pray. In today’s climate, what we each need is wisdom to compare what they say to a) what they do and b) their Worldview / Value System [the latter is easily discernible by simply looking at the policies they support.]

Thanks for reading this post, and if you regularly follow my Blog, for that, too. Please consider sharing this or other posts with your friends, colleagues and associates.

img_7026Charles M Jones

Charles M. Jones

Author: Charles M. Jones, PE, CPA

[retired — neither license active]

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