President Trump’s Speech To The U. N.


Here’s a challenge for you. … Please watch the full video of President Trump’s speech today to the U. N. General Assembly [this link will access it, possibly preceded by a 20-30 second commercial]: President Trump’s U. N. Speech – Full Video (41:24)]. It would have been great if every citizen and non-citizen resident of this country could have watched this speech before watching any media commentary and endless point-by-point analysis sessions by media pundits and their “international relations experts”. Since that is practically impossible these days, I would simply ask that regardless of your political and ideological leanings and whether you “like” our President or “hate” him, you do your very best to put all that aside, watch the speech, and simply listen to his actual words, all in their intended context [which is often lost in collections of “clips” shown by media outlets].

Also, while listening, watch him, trying earnestly to put aside any perceptions you have of him, personally [whether positive or negative] — i.e., just think of him in the context of what he was doing today: addressing the leaders of the world in his capacity as President of the United States. Consider his demeanor, his “Presidentialness” [whatever that means any more], etc., and decide for yourself whether or not you think his words represent who he is and how he thinks, and whether or not he truly has America’s interests at heart.

If your conclusion falls in line with negatives on which the largely liberal elements of the media will no doubt focus in characterizing this speech [and our President as the one delivering it], so be it. Although I disagree with your conclusion, I respect the fact that you are entitled to it and that you and I are two out of over 320 million people who are all entitled to our opinions.

If, however, your conclusion is positive, it certainly matches mine. I believe our President, in this speech today, was just as “presidential” as any President who has ever been characterized in that way in the past. However, he “told it like it is”, and was much more direct in his remarks than most Presidents tend to be [i.e., he didn’t “water down” his remarks to try to make his points without offending specific U. N. members]. To me, that’s a good thing — and I believe that kind of candor is a necessary and important part of “draining the swamp” [the international “swamp”].

Whether history will ultimately characterize Mr. Trump’s presidency as successful, mediocre or a failure remains to be seen, but after watching his speech live today I understand better than I have before what he means as he stresses themes like America First, patriotism, and our country’s respect in the world.

Regardless of where you come down on this, I would like to encourage all of us to consider getting away from the partisan polarity that seems to be the norm these days, respect our President, quit bickering with each other on less important issues than those he addressed today, and become more involved in our nation’s affairs — at a minimum, by keeping ourselves aware of what is going on, and by being more active in making this nation function the way it was designed to function.

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img_7026 Charles M Jones

Charles M. Jones

Author: Charles M. Jones, PE, CPA

[retired — neither license active]

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