Election Aftermath – 4

Media coverage of demonstrations [which are fine if peaceful] and riotous tantrums seems to indicate that they are waning.  I hope that is true, and that the orderly transition almost [see below]  all of our leaders, both Democrat and Republican, say is what we need now that the election is behind us.

So why did I say “almost” all leaders? It seems a fitting exit for Harry Reid [who is not seeking re-election] that he would be the exception. I am looking forward to no longer seeing him stand almost completely motionless at podiums as he reads speeches written for him like he’s afraid some of his handlers might chastise him if he misses a single word or makes one minute deviation from the script. Speaking in precise monotones, he interrupts his completely motionless state maybe once or twice, glancing up in an attempt to present the illusion that he is conscious.

I would not cheapen this post by actually providing a link to Reid’s letter, but will simply say that that phraseology used by a United States Senator, particularly the second highest person in its leadership, grossly diminishes the little respect that a small minority of our citizens still have for the Senate as an institution, and confirm my rationale for already thinking that by blocking practically everything Republicans tried to do, he has probably been an even worse Senate minority [previously majority] leader than Barack Obama was a President. He could easily have gotten his points across with less derogatory terminology and at least some respect for the office if not the person.

I sincerely appreciated West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin [technically an Independent, but essentially a Democrat since he caucuses with (and almost 100% of the time votes with) them] denouncing Reid’s remarks. … “Senator Harry Reid’s statement today attacking President-elect Trump is wrong! It is an absolute embarrassment to the Senate as an institution, our Democratic party, and the nation. I want to be very clear, he does not speak for me”.

Most Democrats are about as far removed philosophically from me as would be possible, but I respect all but this one [Reid] of their leaders who [as far as I’m aware] have shown at least perfunctory respect for President Elect Trump by publicly stating their desire for an orderly and peaceful transition.

Shame on Senator Reid, and thanks to Senator Manchin for openly rebuking his Minority Leader for such crass and disrespectful remarks.  … And thanks to other Democrat leaders who have been much more gracious in articulating their thoughts about the events of this week.

img_7026 img_7043

Charles M. Jones

Author: Charles M. Jones, PE, CPA

[retired — neither license active]

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