Down The Stretch – 2

thoroughbred-race-horses-heading-down-the-backstretch-during-a-race-b15ee6This edition of my Down The Stretch series of posts will be very brief. The thought occurred to me that a simple table might be the best way to communicate something that has been an underlying theme at this web site and in the posts to this blog … On November 8, everybody who is registered to vote [including those who do not vote] will be voting for either the Republican Platform or the Democrat Platform [see previous posts for links to these platform documents, and to a table comparing them], whether consciously making that decision based on their worldview and value system or unwittingly because they don’t understand how the current system for electing a President works. For details as to why that is the case, I would simply recommend reading all my previous blogs, but particularly It’s not about the candidates — it’s about the parties (Parts 1 and 2). I won’t go into the details again here, but I’ll offer this simple table for figuring out [to the extent possible — see the footnote in the table] which of these two candidates you may have unwittingly voted for: Voting For “Alternatives”.

One other point worth re-emphasizing [again — sorry to be repetitive, but this is important]: it’s the current system that will play out in this election. This campaign has amplified some flaws in that system that need to be examined, but that will not happen in this election. A “protest vote” for an “alternative” candidate, or a decision not to vote will, in this election, be counted as I’ve represented in the above-referenced table.

Charles M. Jones


Author: Charles M. Jones, PE, CPA

[retired — neither license active]

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